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Ho! Ho! Ho! Hire Jolly Ole' Santa & His #1 Elf "Hunter" for Your Christmas Event Today!

Enchanting Santa for Hire

Santa comes to town early when you call Santa his Head Elf Hunter, and the adorable Snowflake the Elf! Working at the North Pole Workshop can get a bit stressful at times. So Santa, his #1 Elf Hunter, and good old Elf Snowflake like to go around to different towns before Christmas to spread the magic of Christmas. Santa, his Head Elf Hunter, and Elf Snowflake are available for all types of Events & Parties, like parties for day cares, libraries, birthdays, private parties, and tree lighting ceremonies in your town ad much much more. Santa, Elf Hunter, and Snowflake are HoHo HUGE supporters of the local Fire Departments, Police Departments, and of course, our Military. And love riding on the back of the Firetrucks in parades for both Christmas and Christmas in July. And of course, Santa is always available for all types of Charitable Events (if available) for those in need. And don't forget to ask about our Santa Sleigh-By specials for Christmas (Where Santa Claus makes just a quick stop at the house for you on Christmas to drop off presents under the Tree) HoHoHo and HeHeHe!!!

Professional Background

Santa and Elf Hunter have both attended the Professional Santa Claus School in Denver, Colorado.  Two times now.  Santa has earned his Masters Degree in Santaology, and Head Elf, Hunter, has acquired his Masters Degree in Elfology. Licensed as an LLC Business, this Holly Jolly team bring Insurance, and a solid Background Check to the table to set your mind at ease and make your Christmas event Merry and full of Holiday Cheer.

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Santa's Upcoming Events For 2017

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Santa's Workshop

Keep counting down the days with Santa and Head Elf Hunter , and Snowflake the Elf, all the way until Christmas Day! HOHOHO and HEHEHE ! ! !

July 20th - HoHoHo and HeHeHe!! Santa will spend the afternoon in Penn Township, PA with my good friends for Christmas in July.  I certainly hope you will come out and join us for all the fun activities, snacks, and of course, pictures with Old Santa.

Nov. 5th-HoHoHo and HeHeHe!!!  Elf Hunter and Jolly Old Santa landed a commercial deal with a local Mall in Annapolis, MD.  We're super excited to be a part of this experience and can't wait to see the final cut. 

Nov. 15th-HoHoHo!!!!  Santa will be taking the Sleigh and Reindeer all the way down to Haymarket, VA to my good friend Jen Hiner's home.  I can't wait!  We are going to be taking photos with her twin's again.  It was so much fun last year, I can only imagine how much fun it will be this year, now that they are walking all over.  HoHoHo!!!!

Nov. 23rd - Happy Thanksgiving!! HoHoHo!!  Old Santa will be flying in from the North Pole to help my good friend Dennis Carradin out at his special dinner for First Responders.  Meals for Shields.  I will hang out and try to spread some Holiday cheer to the families.  Dennis is the Man!!  He is always giving, always on call, and always giving back.  Especially to the First Responder community.  So Old Santa is humbled to be able to help him out.

Nov. 24th (Black Friday) - Dec. 24th (Christmas Eve) Santa Claus and my Head Elf Hunter will be at The National Christmas Center in Paradise, PA. 3427 Lincoln Highway Paradise, PA 17562  (717)442-7950.  We are going to be there to visit with all of you children and your families every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from Black Friday until Christmas Eve.  It's a wonderful Christmas Museum that you just casually walk through, enjoying all of the different rooms and Christmas history.  And of course in Santa's Workshop, you visit with Old Santa and Elf Hunter and get your photos taken.  HoHoHo and Merry Christmas Every Day!

Nov. 29th, Dec. 6th, and Dec. 13th - It's that time of year again. That's right! Morgan Crispin's Christmas 4 the Kid's Charity Events! HOHOHO and HEHEHE!! Our most favorite Events of the Season! On Nov. 29th and Dec.13, we will be in Pennsville at the Pennsville Assembly of God @ 328 N. Broadway Pennsville, NJ 08070 and on Dec. 6th we will be at the Precious Time Development Center in Penns Grove, NJ @ 12 S. Broad St. Penns Grove, NJ 08069. ALL of these events are FREE entry, that's right! But, we are asking that you PLEASE bring at least 1 unwrapped Child's present, be it a toy, book, clothing iten, a food item for a family, or even a monetary donation, so that just before Christmas, Morgan can distribute presents to underprivilleged Children right here in your very own comunity. We hope you will join us. There will be games, snacks, crafts, and of course, plenty of photo oporitunity with Santa and the Elves.  Morgan and her Family are the sweetest, most giving people that we have ever met.  We are better for knowing them.  We love you very much.  You guys are what Christmas is all about.  Thank you for being our friends and for allowing us to help you.  Merry Christmas Every Day!!

Dec. 4th-HoHoHo!!!  Santa is going to making a very special trip from the North Pole to visit the Children at the Fairfax Children's Hospital.  I can't wait to put a smile on all of their faces with the help of Tower Ladder 408.  It should be a wonderful visit.

Dec. 5th, and 6th - Santa will be visiting all of the Precious Time Developement Centers for my Awesome friends Angelina Crispin and Matt Ford. It's always fun visiting the hildren at the Centers, taking photos and reading them a story.  HoHoHo!

Dec. 9th - Old Santa has been invited to help celebrate Christiana Days in Chrisiana, PA. I'm going to hand out some presents, share a story, and since I'm a photo junkie, there will be plenty of photos taken. We're gonna Rock around the Christmas Tree! HoHoHo!!

Dec. 11th - Old Santa will be making my yearly visit to the wonderful Children at the Wilmington, DE Salvation Army. I always read a story to them and make sure that every Child gets a pivture with me. HoHoHo!!

Dec. 12th - HoHoHo and HeHeHe!! Come on down to the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Dept. Fire Station #11 to help us kick off our Fantabulous friend Batt. Chief Willie Bailey's annual Toys for Tots Drive.  This yearly Christmas Event is near and dear to our hearts.  We enjoy this Event so much.  Chief Bailey, the firefighters, and all of the volluntreers work so hard to make all of the Children have a wonderful day.  There are so many great people there, so many great events, and of course, my Head Elf Hunter and I will make sure that we see every Child as they come in to recieve their toys, coats, shoes, etc.  Chief, you are a very specieal individual and we are both blessed and proud to know you and to be a part of your event.  Merry Christmas Every Day!!

Dec. 12th - Santa is going to make a very special home visit to the Lindell home.  HoHoHo!!!

Dec. 15th - Santa has been invited to a privite party for the Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Co. in LAncaster, PA.  I am looking forward to taking lots of photos with the Children and helping to spread holiday cheer and make their Christmas party unforgetable.  HoHoHo!! 

Dec. 16th - HoHoHo!!!  Santa's Awesome friends Eric and April have extended an invitation for me to make another appearance at their annual Christmas Celebration.  We had a Fantabulous time last Christmas and honestly, I'm not sure who had the better time last year, the Children, Santa, or the Adults.  I'm looking very forward to seeing everyone again.

Dec. 18th and 19th-Old Santa will be visiting the St. Ann Seton Day Care.  We will be sharing a story and taking plenty of photos with the Children and their families.  It will be an absolute blast.  HoHoHo and Merry Christmas Every Day!

Dec. 18th-Old Santa will be doing a Fantabulous Charity Event for my wonderful friend Liz Parks at the Greystone Cafe in Pennsville, NJ.  It will be from 6:30-8pm.  I hope you will all come out and join us for storytime with Santa and of course plenty of photos with Santa.  All procedes will be going to Relay for Life.  HoHoHo and Merry Christmas Every Day!

Dec. 20th-Old Santa is going to make the Sleigh Ride back down to The Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Academy for a very special event for a very special friend.  Fariha Williams needs Santa to visit some very special Autistic Children from one of the local schools.  They are going to be visiting the Fire and Rescue Academy on the 20th, so the least I can do is go on down and say HoHoHo Hello to everyone.  Who knows, maybe even Chief Duke will get a nice photo with Santa?  HoHoHo!!!

Dec. 20th - HOHOHO!!  Santa is making a very special trip in from the North Pole.  I am going to be stopping by to see all of my friends at Lindsay Fanelli Hughes home.  This will be my 3rd year stopping by for their annual Christmas Bash and every year it gets a bit bigger.  I hope my sack is big enough this year for all of the Toys.  HoHoHo!!  I will be looking forward to delivering my good friend Tom Handling some coal this Season.

Dec. 24th-HoHoHo and HeHeHe!!!!  Elf Hunter and I are going to be making a very special stop to a set of twin boys for our wonderful friend Carrie Awadzi.  This is going to be quite the surprise for them and I can only imagine quite the high energy visit.  I can't wait to see these 2 boys.  We're going to have a Fantabulous Christmas Eve visit.  I'm blessed to be a part of their life. 

Dec. 24th - Santa has been asked to make a special stop at the Robbinson home.  I look very forward to this Christmas Eve Party.  I know we will have a Holly Jolly Great Time.

Dec. 24th - Santa and my bestest pal and Head Elf Hunter will be delivering presents all over the world to all of the Wonderful Children.  HoHoHo and HeHeHe!!!!  Merry Christmas to ALL!!!!!!!

Dec. 25th - Although Old Santa will be extremely tired from a very long night of delivering toys and presents to Children all over the World, I will be making 1 more very important appearance for a very good friend of mine.  Dennis Carradin is doing a very special day for First Responders.  Meals for Shields, so Old Santa is going to make an appearance for him.  It is the least this old fat guy can do.  Dennis does so much for everyone, especially First Respoders.  HoHoHo and Merry Christmas Every Day!!!

Dec. 26th - Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, Elf Hunter, Snowflake the Elf, all of the rest of the Elves, and the Reindeer will start our preparations for our upcoming Christmas Season.  I can tell you that we have BIG plans, so be good for goodness sake.  HoHoHo and HeHeHe!!!  Merry Christmas Every Day!!