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HoHoHo and HeHeHe!!! Hire Old Santa, Elf Hunter and Elf Snowflake for Your Holly Jolly Event Today!

Enchanting Santa for Hire

Santa comes to town early when you call Santa his Head Elf Hunter, and the adorable Snowflake the Elf! Working at the North Pole Workshop can get a bit stressful at times. So Santa, his #1 Elf Hunter, and good old Elf Snowflake like to go around to different towns before Christmas to spread the magic of Christmas. Santa, his Head Elf Hunter, and Elf Snowflake are available for all types of Events & Parties, like parties for day cares, libraries, birthdays, private parties, and tree lighting ceremonies in your town ad much much more. Santa, Elf Hunter, and Snowflake are HoHo HUGE supporters of the local Fire Departments, Police Departments, and of course, our Military. And love riding on the back of the Firetrucks in parades for both Christmas and Christmas in July. And of course, Santa is always available for all types of Charitable Events (if available) for those in need. And don't forget to ask about our Santa Sleigh-By specials for Christmas (Where Santa Claus makes just a quick stop at the house for you on Christmas to drop off presents under the Tree) HoHoHo and HeHeHe!!!

Professional Background

Santa and Elf Hunter have both attended the Professional Santa Claus School in Denver, Colorado.  Two times now.  Santa has earned his Masters Degree in Santaology, and Head Elf, Hunter, has acquired his Masters Degree in Elfology. Licensed as an LLC Business, this Holly Jolly team bring Insurance, and a solid Background Check to the table to set your mind at ease and make your Christmas event Merry and full of Holiday Cheer.

Santa's Sleigh

Santa's Helper

Santa's and Elf Hunter's Upcoming Events For 2018

Santa with A Girl

High Five Santa

Santa Speaking with Girl in a Red Dress

Santa Reading to Boy in Pajamas

Fist Bumping Santa

Santa and Elf Dancing

Santa Delivering Presents

Santa Holding a Baby

Santa Reading to Two Girls

Santa Hugging a Child

Santa's Workshop

Keep counting down the days with Old Santa my Head Elf Hunter, and Snowflake the Elf, all the way until Christmas Day!  We want to invite all of you to follow us on our FaceBook Page @ Santa Department 25, Our YouTube Channel @ Santa Department 25, and Our Instagram Page @ santadept25.  We'll keep you up to date on everything that's going on up at the Noth Pole and our Work Shop.  HOHOHO and HEHEHE ! ! ! Merry Christmas Every Day!!!

June 29th-HoHoHo!!!  Old Santa will be working with my Good friend Brooke Von Brandt of n i 4 u Photography.  We're going to be doing some really cool Summer Photos and enjoying time with the Children for the day. 

 Nov. 2nd-Join us for Santa Mini Sesseions with Dawn Canady Eby of Sweet Pea Photography.  Santa will be there having a Holly Jolly Day with everyone from 10am-3pm.  I'm Super excited to work with Dawn this Season and see all of you Awesome Children.  HoHoHo!!!!  

Nov. 9th-Santa is making a very special trip sown to VA to see my Awesome friend Angie Trijo.  We will be spending a good bit of the day taking photos and having story time with Old Santa.  This is going to be a Wonderful Day!  HoHoHo!!!

Nov. 10th-HoHoHo!!! Old Santa is Very excited.  I am going to be working ith Ana Yevonishonof Expressions Photography.  We're going to be doing a wonderful Santa Experience with her clients and I can't wait.  Merry Christmas Every Day!

Nov.16th-HoHoHo!!!  HoHoHo!!!!  Old Santa will be flying the Sleigh and Reindeer from the North Pole to VA for what I know will be one Holly Jolly Christmas Time Party.  My Awesome friend Brian Gallaore is throwing his office friends an early Christmas Celebration and has invited Jolly Old St. Nick to attend and I Can't wait.  Merry Christmas Every Day!!

Nov. 17th-HoHoHo!!  Old Santa will be making a very special sleigh ride from the North Ple to Haymarket, VA to see one of my favorite families.  The Hiner's.  We have made this a yearly tradition and I so enjoy my time with this family.  Merry Christmas Every Day!!

Nov. 22nd-HoHoHo!! Santa is going to be at the Frog Ocean Honey to do a Cookies with Santa and Photos with Santa night.  I feel very blessed and excited.  It's my first time working with Stephanie here, but I have a feeling it is going to be a wonderful and fun filled evening.

Nov. 23rd thru Dec.23rd-Old Santa Claus will once again be making appearances on the most wonderful steam train ever!!  The Strasburg Railroad Christmas Train.  I'm so excited that Katie Merrill wants me to come back and spread Christmas Cheer to everyone that visits the train this year.  It's a wonderful experience and a great ride with Santa, Caroler's, and even a Band.  I Absolutely Love, Love , Love riding on this train with everyone and I hope you will join us.  HoHoHo!!!!  Merry Christmas Every Day!!!

Nov. 24th-HoHoHo!!!!  Old Santa will be flying in from the North Pole to The Avon Grove Charter School and teaming up for the day yet again with m Amazing friend, Kristin Ann Photography .  We will be once again having our Santa Experience Sessions.  Kristin is Amazing at truly bringing the Magic of Christmas to life in her photos.  I can't wait to work with her again.  

Nov. 30th-HoHoHo!!!!  Santa is going to make a special stop by the Hassell household for a very special home visit.  This family is a Ton of Fun and I can't wait to see everyone again this Season.

Dec. 2nd-HoHoHo!!! Santa will be visiting my good friend Ang Crispin and all of the wonderful Children at The Precious Time Child Development Center in Pennsville, NJ on this day.  I've been doing these visits for quite a few years now and absolutely love it.  Merry Christmas Every Day!!

Dec. 3rd - HoHoHo and HeHeHe!!!!  In the morning I will be making my Annual visit to see the wonderful Children and staff at the Wilmington, DE Salvation Army.  I love this visit.  It truly touches my heart.  And later in the afternoon, Elf Hunter and Old Santa will be flying in from the North Pole to see a Very Very Special little girl.  Our Beautful Gianna.  We will be making a home visit to see her and her family.  We will bring presents, take photos, and read a story to her and her puppy.  This is one of our most favorite traditions.  She came into our lives 5 years ago and we just love her SO much.  She just makes our Christmas complete.  Merry Christmas Every Day!

Dec. 4th-I'll be headed to my good friend Ang Crispin's day care in Penns Grove, NJ to do my Annual visit with all of the wonderful Children.  We'll read a story, take lots of pictures, and of course hand out gifts.

Dec. 7th - HoHoHo!!!  Santa will be flying in from the North Pole to the Lancaster, PA area for yet another fun filled night of Christmas Tradition.  First, I'll stop at Tabitha Bleiler's for her annual Christmas in Christiana Party to visit with everyone and from there onto the Hand Residence to see some of my favorite boys.  I'll bet they've grown a foot since last year, so this will be a most Fantabulous visit.

Dec. 8th-HoHoHo!!! I have another busy day.  I'll start my morning at St. John the Beloved.  I'll be there visiting all of the Children from 10am-1pm.  I'm looking very forward to this wonderful visit.  From there, I'll make my way to the Penn Township Annual Christmas Event.  I will be there from 2-4pm to visit with everyone and of course take lots of photos.  I love this event.  It is a lot of fun with lots of great people like Dave and Caitlin Ianni and their Princess Emma.  I'll make one last stop at my friend Jessica Seward's home to vistit with her family and all of the Children.  I can't wait to see how they have grown.  We had so much fun last year.  We'll take lots of photos, hand out presents, and of course read a story.  Merry Christmas Every Day.

Dec. 9th-Today, I get to spend the evening with one of the kindest women I have ever met, Erin Hanna.  I love her events, so I am going to enjoy the 2 hours that I will get to spend wtih everyone visiting and taking pictures in beautiful Lancaster, PA with my good friend Erin Grieco.

Dec. 10th-HoHoHo!!!  My Friends Matt and Carrie Lund have asked Old Santa to swing by for a little visit.  I'm really looking forward to this.  I know we'll have a reat night.

Dec. 12th-HoHoHo!!!!  Ahhh..Old Santa will be putting on something fun for this event.  I'll feed the Reindeer extra carrots and candy canes and we'll make our Holly Jolly way to the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Dept. Fire Station #11 for our Amazing Friend Willie Bailey's Toy Drive.  Not only do I love this Event, I absolutely Love this guy!!!  He;s amazing.  Merry Christmas Every Day!!!

Dec. 13th-Tonight Old Santa will once again make the ride to Lancaster, Pa for my dear friend Chris Armold and the Morgan Stanley Co. Annual Christmas Party.  We have an absolute blast every year.  We sing Christmas Songs, hand out presents, and of course take lots of pictures.  They are a wonderful group and I just love them.

Dec. 14th-HoHoHo!!!!  Old Santa is going to be making my annual appearance at The Pennsville Pets with my Great friend Nicole.  I'll actually be there a bit longer this year, since the line seems to get longer every year.  I'll be there to take pictures with your lovely pets from 10am-1pm.  From there, Santa will hop in the sleigh and head to my Wonderful friend Shannon Somma's for a traditional Home visit.  We had a blast last year and I can't wait to go back again this year.  And she too takes Amazing pictures.  And from there, I will make the ride back into Hockessin, DE to see my good friends, the Lindell's for their annual home vist.  Wonderful people whom I love very much and am blessed to know.  And from there, one last stop for the night before heading back to Mrs. Claus.  I'll be swinging by to see my good friend Jordan Clour and her precious little boy again.  He has really grown.  I'm so blessed to see all of these wonderful friends every Christmas.

Dec. 16th-I am going to make this visit special.  My amazing friends Tim and Kim Danz won a visit from Old Santa from The First State Military Academy for their 2 Little Girls.  I have known this family a very long time and can't wait to arrive for them.  I sure hope Della and Ken will be there.

Dec. 22nd-This will probably be my crazy day and night before Christmas Eve.  I'll start at Tom and Kate Handling's home for what I promise will be an amazing home visit for Will, Huck, and Jett.  From there onto Lindsay and Bret Hughes.  I have been going to their home for their annual Christmas Party now for the past 4 years and am truly blessed to be able to do this.  Plus I cant wait to see Kennedy and Delaney.  Merry Christmas Every Day!!!

Dec. 24th-Old Santa and the Reindeer will be busy ALL day and night delivering toys to boys and girls all over the world.  HoHoHo!!!!  Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!!!!!!!

Dec. 25th-Christmas at the North Pole with Mrs. Claus, Elf Hunter, Snowflake the Elf, and ALL of our Amazing, Hard Working, and Loyal Elves.  Merry Christmas Every Day!!!!!!!

Dec. 26th-There's no stopping up here at the North Pole.  We will begin all of our preparations for the Up Coming Christmas Season.  There are only 365 days for us to prepare.  HoHoHo!!!  Merry Christmas Every Day!!!