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HoHoHo and HeHeHe!!! Hire Old Santa, Elf Hunter and Elf Snowflake for Your Holly Jolly Event Today!

Enchanting Santa for Hire

Santa comes to town early when you call Santa his Head Elf Hunter, and the adorable Snowflake the Elf! Working at the North Pole Workshop can get a bit stressful at times. So Santa, his #1 Elf Hunter, and good old Elf Snowflake like to go around to different towns before Christmas to spread the magic of Christmas. Santa, his Head Elf Hunter, and Elf Snowflake are available for all types of Events & Parties, like parties for day cares, libraries, birthdays, private parties, and tree lighting ceremonies in your town ad much much more. Santa, Elf Hunter, and Snowflake are HoHo HUGE supporters of the local Fire Departments, Police Departments, and of course, our Military. And love riding on the back of the Firetrucks in parades for both Christmas and Christmas in July. And of course, Santa is always available for all types of Charitable Events (if available) for those in need. And don't forget to ask about our Santa Sleigh-By specials for Christmas (Where Santa Claus makes just a quick stop at the house for you on Christmas to drop off presents under the Tree) HoHoHo and HeHeHe!!!

Professional Background

Santa and Elf Hunter have both attended the Professional Santa Claus School in Denver, Colorado.  Two times now.  Santa has earned his Masters Degree in Santaology, and Head Elf, Hunter, has acquired his Masters Degree in Elfology. Licensed as an LLC Business, this Holly Jolly team bring Insurance, and a solid Background Check to the table to set your mind at ease and make your Christmas event Merry and full of Holiday Cheer.

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Santa's and Elf Hunter's Upcoming Events For 2018

Santa with A Girl

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Santa and Elf Dancing

Santa Delivering Presents

Santa Holding a Baby

Santa Reading to Two Girls

Santa Hugging a Child

Santa's Workshop

Keep counting down the days with Old Santa my Head Elf Hunter, and Snowflake the Elf, all the way until Christmas Day!  We want to invite all of you to follow us on our YouTube Channel @ Santa Department 25 and our Instagram Page @ santadept25.  We'll keep you up to date on everything that's going on up at the Noth Pole and our Work Shop.  HOHOHO and HEHEHE ! ! !

Jan. 16th - HoHoHo and HeHeHe!!  Santa is making a very special after Christmas visit to see an awesome little girl, Isabella for a little while.  I think we will eat some cookies, read a story, and of course, open a couple of presents.  I look so forward to seeing her.  

June 22nd - Old Santa is going to make a special appearance at a brithday party for a little boy named Ronan.  He's turning 6 and the only thing he asked his awesome Mommy for is to meet Santa for his birthday, so we're going to make that happen.  Merry Christmas Every Day!!

July 19th - Santa and Elf Hunter will be going to the Penn Township Christmas in July Event with our Awesome friend Caitlin Ianni.  We love doing Events for her and for the township, we always have such a great time.  We will be there to take pictures with the Children and of course read a story.  I know we will have a Holly Jolly good time.

Nov. 3rd-HoHoHo!!!  Old Santa is so excited.  Elf Snowflake and I will be flying in from the North Pole to Landenberg, PA to help my good friend Lindsay Fanelli-Hughes celebrate her beautiful daughter Delaney's 4th Birthday.  HoHoHo!!!  We can't wait!!  It's going to be a Fantabulous time and we know all oof our favorite people will be there. like the Handling Tribe.

Nov. 10th-Old Santa will be flying in from the North Pole to do a day of a Santa Experience Photo Sessions with my newest friend Brooke Von Brandtof N i 4 u Photography.  I'm Super excited about this oportunity to work with this sweet young ladyand do some wonderful new and exciting things.  I believe it will really be a Holly Jolly good time.

Nov. 11th-Old Santa will be flying in from the North to make a very specail visit at my awesome friend Vicki's Birthday Party.  HoHoHo!!!

Nov. 17th-HoHoHo!!  Come see Santa at The Avon Grove Charter School.  Spend quality time with me and Kristin Ann Photography for Holly Jolly fun filled day of Santa Experience Sessions.  Contact Kristin Ann for your time slot to see Santa now.  It's going to be a wonderful day, fiiled with Christmas Spirit, special one on one time with Old Santa, and great photo sessions.  Merry Christmas Everyone!

Nov. 22nd-HoHoHo!!  Santa is making a VERY Special Sleigh Ride from the North Pole to Lancaster, PA to the Gemmill household to make a very special announcement to the Children about a very exciting trip that they will be taking.  I can't wait to make this special visit.  Merry Christmas Every Day! 

Nov. 23rd (Black Friday) - Dec. 22nd, Santa Claus and my Head Elf Hunter will be on the Strasburg Railroad Christmas Train.  301 Gap Rd.  Ronks, PA 17572.  We are so excited and looking forward to this experience.  We can't wait to see all of the wonderful Children and families this Season.  HoHoHo and Merry Christmas Every Day!

Nov. 25th-Santa will be making my annual trip to VA to see my very special friends, the Hiner's.  We will be taking their Christmas photos with the Children.  I always love this visit.  HoHoHo!!!  Then, I will be flying back up to NJ to have a photo session with my awesome friend Joy Zimmerman and her wonderful family.  Of course my Fantabulous partner Tabitha will be taking all of the wonderful pictures for us.  HoHoHo!!!  What a greatday it will be.

Nov. 29th-Santa will be making a special appearance at the Avon Grove Charter School's Christmas Play.  I'll be there to help spread a little extra Christmas cheer and of course take plenty of Photos with everyone.  HoHoHo!!!!

Dec. 1st - Santa will be doing Mini Sessions with my good friend Tabitha Jenkins Hill of Fresh Dirt Photography.  We always have a blast doing these photos, so book your spot now.  HoHoHo!!!

Dec. 2nd - Santa, Mrs. Claus, Elf Hunter, and Snowflake the Elf are so very excited to be going back up to The Stroudsmoor Country Inn for their Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Event.  We are very honored to be doing this awesome Event again and can't wait.  It is an all day indoor and outdoor event that includes Charities , pictures with Santa, visits with Santa, story time with Mrs. C, and much much more.  It is one of our best events.  HoHoHo and HeHeHe!!!!!

Dec. 3rd - Santa and Elf Hunter will be in Lancaster, PA with our very good friend Erin Hanna for our 2nd year for her very special Christmas Event.  We will be at the event from 5pm-7pm.  We will be visiting and taking photos with the Children and there will be plenty of snacks and beverages.  It will be a great great time.  HoHoHo!!!

Dec. 4th - HoHoHo and HeHeHe!!!!  On this day, Elf Hunter and Old Santa will be flying in from the North Pole to see a Very Very Special little girl.  Our Beautful Gianna.  We will be making a home visit to see her and her family.  We will bring presents, take photos, and read a story to her.  This is one of most favorite traditions.  She came into our lives 4 years ago and we just love her SO much.  She just makes our Christmas complete.  Merry Christmas Every Day!

Dec. 5th & 12th-HoHoHo and HeHeHe!!!  Santa and the Elves will be once again working with Morgan Crispin to hepl all of the Children in her Community.  Christmas 4 the Kids will be in full swing bringing joy and smiles to everyone.  2 events with Santa.  Snacks, storytime with Santa, photos with Santa, and games with Morgan, all for the Children.  All we ask is that you please bring an unwrapped Child's gift to the event to help our cause.   Thank you and Merry Christmas Every Day!!

Dec. 6th-HoHoHo!!!  Old Santa will be making a very special trip from the North Pole to The Children's Hospital in Fairfax County, VA for m good friend Carlos Carillo.  I will be visiting with the Children in the Cancer wing.  This is a very hard day, but a more than rewarding day.  I love these Children and look forward to this visit.  Merry Christmas Every Day!!! 

Dec. 7th-I get to spend a little bit of quality time with the Smith Family.  Theis should be a really special visit.  Melissa has gone to a lot of trouble to try and make this a super special home visit and I'm really looking forward to it.  Merry Christmas Every Day!!  From there I'm going to be making a VERY Special stop at Kim Caven's home for a gender reveal party.  I can't wait!  This is going to be SO much fun.  HoHoHo!!!!

Dec. 8th - HoHoHo!!!  In the morning, Old Santa will be taking Pet photos at Pennsville Pets from 11am-1pm.  From there, Santa and Elf Hunter will make the flight up to the Lancaster to make a very special stop at Tammy Shelton's families home.  It's been a rough year for them, so we're going to do our best to make this visit extra special.   From there, onto my good friend Tabitha Bleiler's home for a visit for her annual Christmas Party.  We will delivery Christmas Presents to the Children, read a story, and of course take lots of photos. From here, Old Santa will be going to Ronks, PA to see a very special family, the Hand's.  I can't wait to see these guys again.  We had a blast last year, we even watched a bit of the Flyers game.  This year our visit should be amazing.

Dec. 9th - HoHoHo and HeHeHe!!!!  Santa has another busy day.  I'll start off at my new friend Jessica Seward's home to do a visit for the Children.  This should be a lot of fun.  Then onto my old stomping ground to see my friends Dave and Caitlin  at the Penn Township Christmas Event.  I will be there from 2pm-4pm visiting with all of the Children and taking pictures with them and their families.  I always have such a good time doing this event and really look forward to seeing everyone.  After that, I will be heading to our very good freind Jeff and Grace Lindell's to make a special home visit to see little Abby and delivery a gift and ready her a story.  This is yet another wonderful and fun tradition that we truly enjoy. HoHoHo and Merry Christmas Every Day.

Dec. 10th-HoHoHo!!!  Merry Christmas to the Salvation Army Family.  Old Santa will be making a stop in at the Wilmington, DE Facility again to see all of the Children to take some Christmas Photos and read a story.  I always love this trip.  It's a wonderful visit.

Dec. 11th & 12th-Old Santa will be making visits at The Precious Time Child Development Centers in Pennsville and Penns Grove, NJ for my dear friend Angelina Crispin.  I always enjoy this visit with the Children.  Handing out gifts, taking photos, and of course, storytime.  HoHoHo!!

Dec. 14th - HoHoHo!!!  This evening Santa will be taking the sleigh up to the Lancaster area for a private business party for my good friend Chris Armold and Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Co.  It's a great party and we'll be handing out presents and singing Christmas songs to the Children of the Company.  It's a wonderful time.  I love this party. 

Dec. 15th-HoHoHo!!!!  Old Santa is going to be making a very special visit all the way down in West Virginia to see the Chris Gay Family.  This is a Fantabulous home visit to spend time with his Children, take photos, and read a story.  His girls birthdays are just a couple of days after this visit, so I swant to make it a super special time for them.  Merry Christmas Every Day!!

Dec. 16th-HoHoHo!!  Old Santa will be making a special stop in Kennett, PA for a special cookies and cocoa party.  I am really looking forward to this home visit.  Itshould really be a good time.

Dec. 17th-HoHoHo!!!  Old Santa and Elf Hunter will be making our very special yearly trip from the North Pole to Fairfax County, VA Fire Station #11 for our Awesome friend BC Willie Bailey's Annual Toy Drive Giveaway.  We can not wait to see all of the wonderful Children and give them their presents.  This is the most Fantabulous Event and we are proud and honored to be a part.

Dec. 18th-HOHOHO!!!!  I CAN'T wait to head down to Virginia on this night.  I'll be visiting my very special friend Isabella Murray.  She's in 3rd grade this year and doing SUPER GOOD.  This is our 3rd year since she caught me putting presents under her tree, HoHoHo!!!  I love this special little girl so much.  It will be an awesome visit or us.

Dec. 18th & 19th-I am going to be making a visit to the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton school for my friend Joan Gentile.  I had a blast last year visiting with the Children and their families and I am really looking forward to going back this Season.

Dec. 23rd - HoHoHo and HeHeHe!!!!!  Old Santa will be flying the Sleigh into PA to visit our Awesome friend's Lindsay Fanelli-Hughes and Tom and Kate Handling for their yearly Christmas Party.  Now this party has gotten bigger and bigger every year.  In fact, Santa as had to go from one Santa Bag to two Santa Bags....HoHoHo!!!!  I LOVE this party,all of these Children, and all of the BIG Children as well.  I am blessed to be able to come back every year.  I will then head to Pedricktown, NJ to see my friend Jordan Clour and her family.  We'll have a great visit there and take pleanty of photos to make there Christmas great.  After that party, we will travel down to Delaware City for a special home visit to Mike Kane's house to surprise his family again this year.  We will deliver some presents, take a lot of photos, and of course, read The Night Before Christmas.  We had a blast last Christmas, so we're looking forwrd to going back again this year.

Dec. 26th - Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, Elf Hunter, Snowflake the Elf, all of the rest of the Elves, and the Reindeer will start our preparations for our upcoming Christmas Season.  I can tell you that we have BIG plans, so be good for goodness sake.  HoHoHo and HeHeHe!!!  Merry Christmas Every Day!!